Friday, 2 July 2010

My new Fortress of Solitude

This is the first entry from my Greenhouse getaway. If Wonder Woman can have a transparent jet, I can certainly have a translucent fortress of solitude. Cloud cover is taking the sun away, but that's good, today is warm, and all that infra-red directly would turn this greenhouse into, well, a greenhouse. The grape vine that is trailed into the Greenhouse needed cutting back as it was taking up cubic metres rather than square, but if I can get it trained up to cover the glass on the ceiling, then I can imagine sitting back under a green canopy and writing about tropic jungle scenes like Teddy Roosevelt. Akheloios' journey 'Through the neo-Brazilian Wilderness of Northern England' in 6 volumes, with footnotes from Kurtz.

Summers with peace and quiet to write, cold beer, a good book for entertainment and those heavy tomes I seem to need for the next Open University course. Greek and Roman Mythology, I'd always wanted to be an engineer, to follow in my esteemed father's footsteps, but ill health and the unfortunate discovery that my strengths were in the subjective rather than the objective put paid to that. Still, I'm happy that I found out that I could write a good essay, and my librarian ninjitsu skills for research in quaint and curious lore have put me in good stead.